The story of Flexbook starts with a need. The need to keep our thoughts, ideas, moments, memories, dreams, in a safe environment which cannot be easily destroyed.

In a world which is always becoming more digital, the magic of traditional writing is lost, hence our cultural identity is lost. Digital memories are vulnerable to destruction from unforseen events. The written word, the graphic design or a handmade painting last much longer and nowadays they are able to support our digital environment in a unique way; guaranteeing that our memories will be alive in the future.

How many times have we looked back into our old notebook and have we lived again moments, meetings and events, exactly as we do with our photo albums! This is why for our personal notes we need new writing products, with long durability, that offer a different value to our thoughts and creativity. Products that accompany us in parallel with computers, and will become a bridge between our digital and real life. Products of high quality that can last through hardships or the passage of time.

This is the need that Flexbook, the new innovative bookbinding method invented in Greece and already famous around the world, has come to address. Every book or Flexbook notebook lasts virtually for ever. You can fold it, open it thousands of times and it will not break, no matter how intense the use is. It will follow you anywhere and will keep your memories alive forever.

How was Flexbook created? The company’s creative department has been experimenting with new bookbinding methods and designs for diaries, notebooks, and customized notebooks, in a great range of materials and sizes for some years. During such research for new bookbinding solutions, Dimitris Chasapakis, the company production director, made an interesting discovery. He named it Flexbook and from the first day it was obvious that this innovation had great potential. Flexbook was honoured with a patent certificate.

So welcome to the world of Flexbook! Trust it with your thoughts, ideas and creativity and carry it with you wherever you are. It will be your companion, for all personal and professional moments, for a lifetime!